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Turnkey Services

Apart from offering individual Services for Architectural design, Structural design,, Civil Contractor, Interior Contractor etc, we are offering Turnkey Services as a Single window solution for our clients. This will help them to receiving the building without any hassles from consultant with better Quality.

BK Design provides the turnkey consultant / turnkey contractor service as per client needs.

If client can involve partially - Turnkey consultant option will be suitable
If client unable to involve fully - Turnkey contractor option will be suitable.

As a Turnkey consultant, Contractor, we serve as

Preparation of Architectural Scheme, Working drawings.
Elevation – 2D & 3 D Views.
Structural Analysis, design & drawings.
Electrical and Plumbing drawings.
Detailed and Abstract Estimation& Project Budgeting.
Appointing Site Engineer to execute the works as per drawings and specifications.
Coordinating in purchase of all materials from client side for execution of the project.
Appointing Suitable Labour Contractor and monitoring the work.
Bill checking and approval.
Maintaining Time schedule, Completion and Handover.
Building stability certification.